One of the top 5 sexiest Super Heavy Weights in powerlifting history came to Super Training Gym – his name is Blaine Sumner. You may have heard of him. He only squatted 1100 lbs. Blaine is not only fat, but he’s super strong and super knowledgeable. Here he shows us how easy it is to squat 1100 lbs. 

In this video, Blaine shows us:

  • An easy warm up
  • The three steps to squatting 1100 lbs. – the setup, ascent, and descent
  • Q & A

As many of you know, I’ve kicked nearly every member of my gym off the team. It turns out, these guys aren’t as useless as I thought, and a lot of members of the gym did ”pretty good.” Here are some of the results:

Marcus Sannadan aka Thunder (@FilipinoThunder)
Weight Class: 308 lbs. Raw in Wraps 
Skwaat: 804 lbs. (71 lb. Meet PR)
Bench: 501 lbs. (27 lb. Meet PR)
Deadlift: 545 lbs. (Injured)
Total: 1850 lbs. 

Dan Stornaiuolo aka Fat Dan (@StormCloud415)
Weight Class: 309+ lbs. SHW Raw in Wraps
Skwaat: 788 lbs. (33 lb. Meet PR)
Bench: 446 lbs. (17 lb. Meet PR)
Deadlift: 716 lbs. (33 lb. Meet PR)
Total: 1951 lbs. (105 lb. Meet PR)

Nsima Inyang aka Natty Professor (@TheNattyProfessor)

Weight Class: 275 lbs. Raw in Sleeves
Skwaat: 622 lbs. (37 lb. PR)
Bench: 380 lbs. 
Deadlift: 755 lbs. (33 lb. PR)
Total: 1758 lbs. (First Meet)
Damon Thurman aka Thurman Merman (@thurmanmermanST)
Weight Class: 220 lbs. Raw Bench-Only
Bench: 474 lbs. 

Steven Granzella aka Smokes (@LilSmokeyST)
Weight Class: 181 lbs. Raw in Sleeves
Skwaat: 491 lbs. (13 lb. Meet PR)
Bench: 418 lbs. 
Deadlift: 545 lbs.
Total: 1455 lbs. (22 lb. Meet PR)
Nick Pigulski aka Pig (@TheBigPigulski)
Weight Class: 198 lbs. Raw in Wraps
Skwaat: 584 lbs. (33 lb. Meet PR)
Bench: 407 lbs. (22 lb. Meet PR)
Deadlift: 628 lbs. (28 lb. Meet PR)
Total: 1620 lbs. (94 lb. Meet PR)
Sandi Imai aka Aunt Sandi (@SandiMarie)
Weight Class: 148 lbs. Raw in Sleeves
Skwaat: 275 lbs.
Bench: 143 lbs. (3 lb. Meet PR)
Deadlift: 370 lbs. (5 lb. Meet PR)
Total: 788 lbs. (First Meet in Sleeves)
Cali Nguyen aka Cookie Cali (@CookieCali)
Weight Class: 132 lbs. Raw in Sleeves
Skwaat: 297 lbs.
Bench: 154 lbs.
Deadlift: 303 lbs.
Total: 754 lbs. (First Meet At Lower Weight)
Bobbie Benabides aka Bobbie (@bbenabides)
Weight Class: 123 lbs. Raw in Wraps
Skwaat: 265 lbs.
Bench: 165 lbs. (Meet PR)
Deadlift: 336 lbs. (Meet PR)
Total: 766 lbs.

A big thanks to Jesse Burdick and all those who were there to help with the meet – the spotters, loaders, and everyone else who came out – it was an awesome competition and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

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– Mark Bell

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