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Kyseinen artikkeli on osa Louie Simmonsin kirjaa Westside Barbell Book of Methods. Yli 230 sivuinen kirja käsittelee kaikkea voimailuun liittyvää Louien ainutlaatuisella käytännön ja tieteen yhdistävällä tavalla.

Ballistic Method

One form of the reactive method is the ballistic method. This is described as a rapid stretching movement. At Westside we use it for bench pressing with sub-maximal weights on speed day.
Basically, drop or lower the bar as fast as possible and catch it 1–4 inches off your chest. Reverse to the concentric phase as fast as possible. This is great for building reversal strength. Never, I
repeat, never pause the bar on the chest in training. Kinetic energy is lost to some extent. A pause is just a powerlifting rule. The stretch refl ex will remain for up to four seconds in high-skilled
lifters and two seconds for less skilled athletes, as noted by Wilson’s studies. If you pause longer than your normal refl ex time, potential energy is lost. Didn’t someone say an object at rest tends to stay at rest? Remember, Newton’s fi rst, second, and third laws act in someway during all phases of a lift: eccentric, static, and concentric.

Concentric Method

With the bar suspended by chains or using power rack pins, simply crawl under the bar and raise
it concentrically. Going from a relaxed condition to overcoming a stable load with light and
medium loads of 50–80% will develop a rapid rate of force development. When loads of 90%
and above are used, this causes maximal force rather than the appearance of explosiveness. It
may appear somewhat slow because of the massive external resistance. The second method with
90–100% or more should be used on max effort day.

Dynamic Method

For benching or squatting, 20–24 total lifts are standard on dynamic method day. For benching,
use 40–50% of a 1RM with a method of accommodating resistance (i.e. bands or chains). For
squatting, use 50–60% with a method of accommodating resistance. Bands or chains must always
be used to greatly reduce the deceleration phase. You can stand up for a long time with a weight
at the top of the squat. However, with a large bar load made up of mostly band tension, you are
being pulled back down, causing a force exceeding gravity. Box squats, fl oor presses, and board
presses are good methods for developing a rapid rate of force development after an eccentric phase.
Many former college athletes are very explosive but lack a high level of maximal strength.
They are very fast with light weight, but as the load grows to near max (95% and higher), they slow
considerably. This can be corrected by using a higher percentage of band tension—65% of
total bar load. This slows the movement down while developing absolute strength. Maximal force is displayed for 0.3 seconds. This can be prolonged by using bands to prevent a quick bar deceleration. The late Dr Mel Siff agreed with this. We have a 63-foot shot putter who said he has always been quick with a 363 power clean and a 565 deadlift at 250 body weight. However, he could not budge a 600 deadlift. He has zero quickness there. Speed is relative when compared to the amount of resistance.

Pendulum Wave

On dynamic day, use a three-week pendulum wave. For example, for the squat, do 50% in week
one, 55% in week two, 60% in week three, and back to 50% in week four. Change from bands
to chains, add weight releasers, use the lightened method of overcoming a rested load, or change
your grip or stance.
Muscle Priority SetsTrain the most underdeveloped muscle groups fi rst or a skill that is lacking.
Verbal CommandsAlways use verbal commands such as “blast it,” “drive it,” “speed,” “squeeze
the bar,” “head up,” “sit back,” and so on.

Conjugate Sequence Method

Always rotate special exercises on speed day. The more inquiring you are (extroverted), the more
often you must switch exercises and the fewer exercises you need. Change is the hardest thing for
some lifters. We combine many methods on speed day to fortify our training. If one used a single
method, it would take forever to utilize them all and they would not be productive. No one will
ever understand the true defi nition of strength by just reading a book. You must become strong to
recognize a weakness.